Quality: A question of trust. World Quality Day 2018 #WQD18

2018-10 Quality DayTrust is the focus of this year’s World Quality Day, which takes place on Thursday 8 November 2018. It is an opportunity to recognise the role that everyone in an organisation plays in building and maintaining trust with stakeholders.

Recent quality scandals show how quickly reputations can be damaged and trust lost – and once lost, trust can be hard to recover. Quality Management professionals have an important role in building trust and confidence in an organisation’s capabilities and integrity. Much of the role proactively protects the reputation of the organisation, whether that’s in understanding customer needs and expectations, taking a process approach to risk management, or in identifying how to improve performance.

World Quality Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of your team and organisation. We know how much effort goes into managing a Quality Management System and preparing for an assessment visit and we love to see the pride our customers take in their certificates.

For this World Quality Day, send us a picture on LinkedIn or Twitter of you and your team with your QMS certificate and let us know how your QMS has helped your organisation to build trust. Use the hashtags #WQD18 #AdvocatingTrust #LR and we’ll add you to our World Quality Day Hall of Fame.