LRQA talks Climate Change (GHG) at OilTech Atyrau, 2013

The 7th annual OilTech Atyrau Regional Petroleum Technology Conference took place on16-17 April, 2013 in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.  Lloyd's Register Kazakhstan LLP (LRK) has been a sponsor of West Kazakhstan’s major oil and gas event for the past 5 years. The Conference provides a platform for industry representatives both local and international to discuss the current technical issues, challenges and solutions. Specialists of leading oil and gas companies operating in Western Kazakhstan and representatives of Kazakhstan ministries and governmental authorities participated.
As the leading topic for this year was “The Environment” and related Environmentally Friendly Initiatives, LRK invited Madlen King, Global Head of Climate Change & Sustainability LRQA, to deliver a paper on the Status of International Policy on Climate Change and the Implications for Kazakhstan.

GHG in Kazakhstan is an important theme this year as Kazakhstan has recently ratified the Kyoto Protocol and committed to GHG reduction targets. In response to this challenge the government have developed a GHG emissions monitoring programme that will affect more than 170 major energy users in its first year.

In her speech Madlen talked about the value and  importance of GHG monitoring, reporting, verification & mitigation in relation to both global and local policies and addressed some of the wider issues facing industry as a whole in Kazakhstan.

Madlen’s speech was well attended and received and attracted a number of questions from the audience.

“Kazakhstan is one of those countries now taking responsibility and requiring its industrial operators to actively reduce their emissions, by the introduction of an emissions trading scheme.

The scheme will assist the national as a whole to reduce their carbon emissions where the cost of doing so is lowest, and through later links with other countries and other schemes the economic model will improve,” said Madlen.

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