Can Food Safety Management Systems Help to Drive Sustainability?

The National Sustainable Food Summit closed today in Sydney. In an interview recorded straight after the event, LRQA’s Cor Groenveld – Global Product Manager for Food Services - gave his views on some of the key issues coming out from the conference post his presentation at Australia’s key event in the food supply chain calendar.

"This was the second national Sustainable Food Event in Sydney. I think what I learned here is how important sustainability is in the food supply chain. There are some facts and figures; we waste one third of all the food that is made in the food supply, it is unbelievable that we have so much waste, but also if you look at food security, we still have a lot of people not even having food, coupled with the energy that we are wasting."

Cor addressed the issue of sustainability; "For me the most important thing is how we proceed, because there is a lot of talk about sustainability in the food supply chain and there are great examples of projects but I think that we are not approaching it with a management systems approach. What I talked about today in the panel discussion that I was part of is perhaps we can learn from how we – LRQA - implements food safety across the food supply chain. Perhaps we can pick out energy management, waste management, water management and we can put these into a management system standard and I opened discussions on that. I think that this is something that we can look at in more detail in the future and also talk to stakeholders in the food supply chain to see if this is an approach that they would appreciate."