LRQA Gets Ready For Worldwide Food Events

LRQA has a busy schedule ahead with participation at a number of high profile food events around the world which will culminate in our strategic sponsorship of the GFSI Conference in Orlando in February. The events themselves represent a mixture of sponsorship and speaking opportunities for LRQA as well as our valued clients. 

Further specific event updates will appear on our external websites. 

Event LRQA Food Safety Forum, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Date: 1 Sept 2011 

Event: GFSI Focus Day, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Date: 2 Sept 2011 

Event: LRQA Rotterdam food event, Netherlands 
Date: 5 October 2011 
Contact: Thomas Zwiers. 

Event: Japan Food Safety Day, Tokyo, Japan 
Date: 11 Oct 2011 

Event: LRQA Food Safety Forum-Mexico City
Date: 18 Oct 2011 

Event: China Food Safety Conference, Beijing, China 
Date: 2-3 November 2011 

Event: INOFOOD, Chile 
Date: 7-8 November 2011 

Event: LRQA Food Event-Gent, Brussels 
Date: 1 December 2011 

Event: Global Food Safety Conference, Orlando, USA 
Date: 15-17 February 2012