China's commitment to enhance their investigation of food safety incidents

LRQA Food blog from Alex Briggs, Editor of Today's food safety headline is 'China's commitment to enhance their investigation of food safety incidents'. The latest announcement is part of China's efforts to convince Japan and other major importers of Chinese foodstuffs that they can trust China's food supply chain. A recent announcement by the Chinese government that 248 people were arrested in on food safety charges in 2010 is also part of the efforts at demonstrating toughness and transparency in relation to those who would attempt to undermine China's food safety laws. Vietnam has said that they will increase their inspections of seafood processing operations in line with the recommendations of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.  In Taiwan, under the instruction of Premier Wu Den-yi, a cross-ministry “food-safety task force” has been established.     While it is too early to say what effect that will have for the countries in question, Asia as whole and the increasing number of global food organisations operating across Asia, it is clear that governments see the need to communicate the importance of food safety to consumers and business alike.     Day two of the GFSI London conference will focus on Asia, with China and Japan both hosting the below speaking slots 03:10pm - Achieving Safer Food through Collaboration  Ji Chao, Deputy Director General for the Department of Supervision on Food Production, AQSIQ - General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China.  CHE Wenyi, Deputy Chief Administrator of CNCA - Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China 05:05pm - Japan Food Communication Project - Changing Corporate Food Safety Culture to Build Consumer Trust  Yutaka Arai, Director of Food Industry Policy Division, General Food Policy Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan With delegates from around the world in attendance, including the large majority of them doing business in Asia, the opinions and programmes being developed and implemented across Asia will be followed very closely throughout the three-day global food safety conference. Remember.... We are reporting live from the event in London (16th February - 18th February) including interviews with some of the speakers and attendees.  You can find out more about LRQA's food month activities at Read LRQA's previous blog and listen to the 'food month' podcasts