LRQA Peru awards its first ISO 22000 certificate

Michael Ramdohr, LRQA South America Regional Business Center Manager, and Juan Medina, LRQA Peru Business Manager, presented the certificate to Alberto Jose Otoya, Empresa’s General Manager. Suppliers and key customers across its supply chain attended the event and joined LRQA for a tour of the newly certified facility. 

“We anticipate this to be the first of many ISO 22000 certificates that we will issue in Peru,” says Michael Ramdohr.  “Food producers and manufacturers across South America recognize the importance of ensuring the food ingredients they supply are safe for their customers and consumers.” 

Empresa Agroindustrial Laredo SAA is part of Colombia-based, Inversiones Manuelita SA, a leader in the local sugar industry.  Empresa and its parent company are principally engaged in the cultivation, production and commercialization of sugar and its derivatives, including molasses and ethyl alcohol.


Pictured in the photo, from left to right, are:

Juan Medina, Business Manager Peru 
Carlos Arias, Laredo´s Field Manager 
José Otoya, Laredo´s General Manager 
Michael Ramdohr, SASC Regional Manager 
Javier Caro, President of the Chamber of Commerce of La Libertad