Brazil and the Food Sector, one step at a time

Our blogger for day 16 is Luiz Bueno da Silva, LRQA São Paulo Business Centre Manager. Luiz has been with the Lloyd’s Register Group since 1975. He joined LRQA in 1991 and was named Sao Paulo Business Centre Manager in 2007.

"For a long time the food and beverage industry has been seen as not interested in embracing management systems (MS)standards such as ISO 9001. Apparently, the reason behind could be the number of regulations they have to follow; which until not that much time ago has given the impression that controlling the quality of their products was enough to keep them in business.

It was only more recently that they started thinking about the potential damage to their brand reputation that food safety scares could cause.

Perhaps another reason which has convinced the food industry sector to consider adopting a management systems approach to help them keep their business under control is the fact that in order to be more competitive, food organisations started seeking different alternatives to traditional suppliers; some of them being used for decades."