A Webinar and a Lecture

"Yesterday I delivered a presentation in a Live webinar organised by LRQA. It was the third food safety webinar and this time we had even more attendees (with over 170 in total) then the previous one. With two sessions all time zones were covered so we had participants from around the globe.  I must say a webinar is always special. Knowing that so many people are listening without seeing or hearing them can make you nervous but on the other hand it is a great tool to provide information to a large group in a very convenient and cost effective manner. So talking about green house gas and cost reduction, we did a good job yesterday!

The webinar covered several topics. Supply chain management, current and future concerns in the food chain, the current status of FSSC 22000 and the most important outcome of the GFSI Global Food Safety conference in Washington. There was a question and answer session at the end and I must say the questions were very good. It shows that the global food community is actively working on further improvement of assurance in the supply chain. And that Food Safety is still the most important concern but that also other issues like sustainability, social responsibility and security become more and more important. This shows that solutions like supply chain management and risk management are very important." 

Our blogger today is Cor Groenveld. Cor is the chairman for the Foundation for Food Safety Certification, the owners of FSSC 22000. He is LRQA's leading food safety expert and recognised as one of the world's leaders in food management systems.