First ISO 9001:2008 certificate issued by LRQA Belgium

On November 17 2008, the first certificate ISO 9001:2008 was issued by the LRQA Belgian Office after publication of the new standard on November 14.

Daikin, a worldwide known producer of a.o. air-conditioning systems, with European HQ in Oostende since 1972, is the happy owner of this certificate.

LRQA’s Lead Assessor Lode Andries was informed of the publication while he was on the Daikin site for a regular surveillance visit.  Daikin had been preparing the transition for some time, and had adapted their documentation appropriately.

Belgian LRQA clients were all very keen and well informed of this transition.  This is confirmed by the fact that six LRQA certificates have been issued during the first week of the updated standard being issued.  LRQA Belgium are keen to keep their clients updated with all the relevant updates which may affect the way they run thier business.

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